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Recruiting Team Leaders

SuperCamp is a leader in student success with over 70,000 graduates from more than 85 countries worldwide. It is a highly successful academic and life skills residential camp for teenagers. SuperCamp is conducted by US facilitators and team leaders, who are complemented by local team leaders and support staff.

Team Leaders (TLs) are the catalysts for team building and personal growth. They are the most important and influential people at camp. 

As a Team Leader, you will serve as a mentor and role model to teens. Not only wil you co-lead a team of 12-14 students but also lead activities, supervise students, facilitate team meetings, and create the camp culture. You will be the one who wake the kids up, and put them to bed. The one who make sure that the children eat their vegetables. You are the one who will keep them safe and most importantly connect and inspire them. After camp, kids may forget the facilitators, office staff, but the people that they will remember forever would be their team leaders.

If you are 18 years old and above, and eager to make a difference in your life and inspire others, we are the right fit for you! 

College or university students, educators, or anyone interested in education would be ideal candidates. Exposure to our powerful teaching methodologies will be an excellent opportunity. As you empower others, you are empowering yourself. 

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