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The Quantum Learning System Understand the core components of a well orchestrated teaching system
  • Gain effective strategies within the system to maximize instructional time
  • A common language for conversations about teaching and learning
  • Whole-staff alignment
Brain Research and Learning Facts and conclusions from neuroscience that impact how we teach and how students learn
  • Sustained student engagement
  • More relevant lessons
  • Improved comprehension
  • Foundational understanding to make in-the-moment instructional decisions to sustain student attention
Managing Student Attention or "State" Ways to capture and maintain student attention
  • Maximize student attention
  • Increase quality of time on task
  • Decrease the need to reteach
  • Fewer interruptions and behavior challenges
Quantum Learning Tenets for Effective Teaching Fundamental principles that guide the creation of a safe, supported, down-to-business classroom
  • Decreased classroom management challenges
  • Increases academic performance
  • A common language for collaboration about teaching and learning
Quantum Learning Success Model A strategy to increase student participation and appropriate risk taking
  • Increased student effort
  • A culture of high participation
  • Higher personal accountability for individual performance
8 Keys of Excellence Character traits to build a positive classroom culture
  • Fewer behavioral problems
  • Greater student responsibility and accountability
  • More teacher time on task

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