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Orchestrate Your Students Success with Quantum Learning!

Quantum Learning is a powerful and engaging teaching and learning methodology that integrates best educational practices into a unified whole. This synergistic approach to the learning process covers both theory and practice. It has been proven to increase academic achievement and improve students’ attitudes toward the learning process. Our program turns abstract theories into practical applications that can be used immediately in the classroom.

Quantum Learning teachers have more fun, infuse more passion, and get significantly better results from their student than their peers! More than 50,000 teachers will tell you Quantum Learning is the educational model that sparks the genius in every child and readies them to excel in our world.

1. Quantum Learning System

Learn the essential fundamentals of Quantum Learning

In this engaging and inspiring introduction to Quantum Learning, our experienced facilitators introduce and model the foundational theories, strategies and techniques of the Quantum Learning system. Participants experience strategies to create a vibrant and productive classroom learning environment in the classroom.

In this Quantum Learning course, teachers:

  • Develop a research-based understanding of the Quantum Learning system and discover its relevance and value

  • Gain the essential skills to create a positive school and classroom culture of motivation, engagement, accountability and achievement and the management tools to sustain it

  • Practice strategies that maximize critical thinking

  • Learn simple yet powerful strategies for differentiating instruction

  • Apply neurocognitive and developmental science to increase student retention and relevancy of content

  • Learn the 8 Keys of Excellence and the impact of a strong character building program in developing positive behavior and academic achievement

2. We're Unique

Why? Because participants are immersed in our methodology - they experience the strategies and models and understand the “why” behind everything they learn. Our programs are not “sit and get" - they are dynamic, interactive, learn-by-doing experiences.

Most professional development programs lecture teachers on learning theory. Quantum Learning programs are different. Participants learn not only the 'what' (powerful research-based techniques that accelerate learning), but, more importantly, the 'why' (research behind the techniques) and the 'how' (implementation in the classroom). They are immersed in the concepts and strategies of the Quantum Learning System and see the methodology demonstrated throughout the programs. Leaders and teachers personally experience the outcomes and learn how to apply the techniques in their unique situations.


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