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Quantum Study Strategies

Meet deadlines and improve test results. Tests and grades get better when you discover your personal learning style. We help you learn test-taking and study skills, how to set up a great study area, and how to meet deadlines.

Quantum Reading

Read fast, comprehend more, move on. Learn a powerful reading method that simultaneously increases reading speed and comprehension.

Quantum Writing

Plan, write, polish. Learn how to overcome writer's block with fast-writing and clustering, get creative and manage any written assignment with less stress whilst gaining better results.

Quantum Note-Taking/Mind Mapping®

Take useful notes that work best for your brain. Note-Taking and Mind Mapping work the way our brains picture information. Learn these methods for class lectures, reading assignments, term papers, or presentations.

Quantum Memory

Remember anything, anytime. Learn powerful ways to store and recall vocabulary words, history dates, and other facts using the peg, location, and association methods.


8 Keys of Excellence

This is your 'code' for personal excellence. Challenge yourself to be accountable for applying the 8 Keys and you'll see how others become more willing to be held accountable for their choices and actions. Learn how to build a safe and positive space for learning and living.

Communication and Relationships

Convey your needs, opinions, frustrations and feelings in a positive manner. Learn new tools to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts with family and friends, listen without criticism, and make your points heard.


Move outside your comfort zone, apply your new communication and interpersonal skills, learn what makes a good leader. You learn leadership techniques that you can apply in school situations and in other aspects of your life, such as in sports teams or clubs and groups.

Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving

Your 'move your life forward' 21st-century skills. Learn creative thinking skills and the steps to effective problem solving.

Breaking Through Personal Barriers

Bust out of self-imposed limitations and fears. Challenge yourself physically and mentally to break through barriers that block your success. For this activity, SuperCamp employs a professional outdoor adventure company that has worked with hundreds of thousands of people and whose reputation and safety record is impeccable.

Motivation and Goal-Setting

As you learn how to break through barriers, you also gain confidence in your ability to give 100% in every task. As you gain confidence, you become more motivated to tackle new challenges. At this point we explore the value and process of setting personal goals insightful exercises toward the end of camp.



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