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SuperCamp is the original academic and life skills camp. Since it began in 1982 in the United States, SuperCamp has become a respected worldwide leader in student programs that enhance academic results, leadership and communication skills, amongst other essential skills. 

SuperCamp was co-founded by Bobbi DePorter, the President of both SuperCamp and Quantum Learning Network, in the USA. Bobbi and her elite team of educators have changed the lives of over 10 million children worldwide through SuperCamp and Quantum Learning programs. Held at a variety of prestigious college campuses in the U.S., SuperCamp empowers teenagers and prepares them for a life of excellence - personally, academically and in their future career and family life. 

The first SuperCamp was held in July 1982. The concept took off almost immediately, spreading each year to more locations across the country, and then overseas. Now with more than 70,000 graduates in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, SuperCamp is an established leader in the field of youth development. It's a program that strengthens character, maximized learning potential, and fuels hunger for academic and personal excellence. 

For more information about how SuperCamp is making an impact around the world, please visit www.supercamp.com


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