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We're very happy that Tyler attended SuperCamp last year ; following it, he had a church youth camp in El Sanctuary and he was thrilled with the camps and received lots of good feedback from the counsellors there too. They were a home away from home for those few nights and as parents , we are grateful for the positive mentoring and experiences gained to sharpen and equip them as they grow-up. Academically, he is more responsible and hopeful of good results , more confident with tasks at school and relationally as well. As an individual, he's more settled.
Dr Cheah Poh Choo
10 MARCH 2015
I must share this with all those involved in SuperCamp 2014. My son Raveynesh Ravichanthiran may not appear to have changed a lot but he has been showing us small changes which as a parent are truly a big change. Now he can do his homework on his own. He is more attentive in class and is interested in his lessons.
Ms Eshwary Ravi
6 JANUARY 2015
I would like to thank the whole SuperCamp team for their fantastic work.My son Lackshaea was very impressed and enjoyed every moment there. Great team and wonderful leaders, good job.
Mr Jaya Sangar James
24 DECEMBER 2014
I express my gratitude to all the facilitators and team leaders in helping to shape the kids minds in preparation for them facing the ever changing world. It is amazing and great to see my son matured within 1 week in the camp. Now it is our duty as his parents to see that Jansen potential is realized. It takes a lot of commitment to do it.
Mr Alfred Soh
23 DECEMBER 2014



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