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2-Day SuperCamp Workshop (Junior Forum)

Age: 9 – 12 years old

2-Day SuperCamp Workshop (Senior Forum)

Age: 13 – 17 years old

What is this program?

SuperCamp Workshop is a snippet of the original academic and life skills 7-Day/6-Night SuperCamp. Students will experience a snapshot of how the full SuperCamp runs at this 2 day program.

They are taught a few of the academic and life skills tools that are covered in the full SuperCamp. Academic skills such as memory skills, note-taking skills and study strategies that will help students focus, maximize time and be a better learner. For life-skills on the other hand, students learn some communication tools, learn how to step out from their comfort zone and learn a set of values called the 8 Keys of Excellence.

It is a non-residential program, starting usually at 9.00am and ending at 3.30pm. A certificate will be presented at the end of the workshop.


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